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Educational Volunteer Opportunities

Study Buddy Program

RSVP Study Buddies volunteer in area public and private schools sharing at least one hour of their time per week helping students academically and socially. Volunteer academic assistance includes reading and math tutoring, either individually or in small groups. In return, Study Buddies receive the joy of knowing they are making a difference, helping students achieve academic success. By lending a hand to area schools, you too can be part of molding our future leaders.

RSVP Study Buddies

La Crosse Design Institute

La Crosse Design Institute is a project-based learning school that requires content mastery and critical thinking while incorporating essential project management skills valued by today’s global industries. Volunteer needs for the La Crosse Design Institute include proof-reading papers and proposals, math tutoring to assist students one-on-one as they work through their own individualized math programs, and classroom/seminar presenters. Any life skill, trade, or interest that you may have acquired over the years is sure to be worth sharing with the next generation.

RSVP La Crosse Design Institute

Reality Store

The Reality Store is an interactive program for high school students designed to demonstrate the need for money management skills and allow students to exercise budgeting skills. Students select an occupation, research their monthly income, and are assigned a family status prior to attending the event. Imitation paychecks are distributed and students are responsible for paying for their monthly expenses at the following stations, taxes, financial, housing, automobile dealer, charitable contributions, childcare, convenience store, government services, groceries, insurance, investments, leisure & entertainment, retail, utilities, credit cards, police, nurse, and pets. Volunteers assist with teaching students about financial literacy by helping facilitate this daylong educational simulation in both October and March each year.

RSVP Reality Store

Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program

Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program is an early literacy intervention curriculum designed to teach children how to read by the time they enter kindergarten. Preschoolers are taught everything from phonological awareness to vocabulary development. The Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program has a diverse student body. With enrollment for 30 students in their morning session from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. and 30 students in their after school session from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., the need for volunteers continues to grow. The program has a 2 to 1 student teacher ratio, which provides support for students to succeed with the curriculum. Monthly training and informational sessions are held, allowing all volunteers to have the tools necessary to effectively teach and assist students.

RSVP Study Buddies
If you are interested in volunteering for any of our educational volunteer opportunities please contact Coulee Region RSVP at 608.785.0500.

Upcoming Events

Circles of Support is looking for volunteers to help support those reintegrating into the community after incarceration. Please call RSVP for more information!

The Volunteer Transportation Program is looking for volunteers to transport clients to appointments.You pick the times and days you are available to volunteer.

Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program needs volunteers Monday through Friday to help with their pre-k literacy program. Contact RSVP for details.

Blue Wrap Sewers Needed: Please call RSVP for more information about Blue Wrap and patterns that are available!

The Telephone Reassurance Program is for adults who would benefit from a daily call. If you are interested in recieving a call or making calls please call RSVP for more information

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